Thursday, September 20, 2012

All by myself...

> What should I start with first.?? huhuhuhuhu.. Everything around me is changing... I wish the past would be the present... But who am I or what am I to say or do anything..?? right??

> All is falling apart.. I wish bad thing will not happen but it happens.. Why is it so hard to cope with all of this?? I don't think I can last longer being in this position or situation.. 

> All that I can do for now is just to pray to God and surrender it to Him.. 

> I really miss the moment i first saw you guys... Then, days, weeks, months and years pass on.. I can see changes to everyone that i met before.. Leaving me one by one.. 

> I have help a lot of time in ways that I can possibly try to do.. But in the end i felt like it was useless for now.. huhuhuhu... =( =( Why oh Why must it come to this situation... 

> Sometimes I really feel like I want to vanish from this earth.. but who am I to do this right?? =) 

> I really wonder what is friends in my life??? All I hear is that friends is there in good times and even in bad times.. But to me that definition of friends is not being applied to my friends.. 

> Before that definition is used... But then it gradually began to disappear... Even in good times and bad times, none of them even bother to ask..

hmmmmmmm.... =( =( 

> All I can say for now is that I just better go with the flow.. It will be will be... Soooooooooooooooooo.... go on with life foe now and try to enjoy as much as i can.. =( 

Ok.. It is time for me to go first.. Bye-bye and see you all soon... =)

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